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Simplify Control, Demand Flexibility


What is ICP?

  • ICP can reside in an HDBaseT receiver, seamlessly accommodating a wide variety of HDBaseT transmitters with different AV input ports and formats.
  • ICP is a powerful, yet painless to program, Control Processor, designed to master all peripheral devices in a room (display monitors, projectors, audio equipment, screen, lighting, etc.) using TCP/IP, RS232, relay,
    digital I/O, IR, etc.
  • ICP contains a versatile Network Server, and can be interfaced by pre-programmed event-triggered automation, manual keypad activation, touch pad GUI, TCP/IP/telnet API commands, or even via Cloud control

Unlock the power of control

What can ICP do (i.e, Why ICP)?

  • Most of current room-control HDBaseT products provide a fixed set of control functions, which is not flexible, and cannot be freely re-programmed to accommodate different control scenario.
  • Although one can add a separate, external controller for flexibility, this introduces unwanted programming complexity
  • ICP is the ultimate solution for control programming flexibility, yet painless to program, thus unlocking the power of AV control

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