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24/7 operation is needed to broadcast the Olympic Games, so employing the most reliable and efficient equipment available is critical. When the Olympics arrived in Beijing, China in 2008, BCI was there to enable the broadcast to the world.

Mix-and-Match Link Bridge Products

At BCI we pride ourselves with making the concepts of tomorrow possible today. Our LinkBridge™ fiber optic transmission system boasts some of the latest technological leaps such as:

    • 3G-HD-SDI to DVI
    •  3G-HD-SDI small footprint modules
    • 16 slot card cage

BCI’s LinkBridge™ line of wall plates and direct-pluggable enclosures feature over 100 possible mix-and-match combinations.  This mix-and-match capability not only has nearly limitless configurations but also are completely reliable for 24/7 operation. BCI’s LinkBridge™ products and our mix-and-match capability reduce the amount of products needed to transmit video signal.

Multiple Signals, One Fiber

We emphasize in reducing installation/assembly complexity, while adding important product features and creative design to simplify factory assemblies and field deployments in minimal time. BCI has added several brand new “enhancing” features to address new PRO-AV applications.  In the past, Pro-AV applications have required much in the way of processing, switching, conversion and transmission of differing signal types such as HD-SDI, S-Video, Composite Video, HDMI, DVI, and VGA/YPbPr.  With the premiere of BCI’s new LinkBridge™ products, the process is simplified by feeding these signals to HDMI or DVI through a single multimode fiber.  The use of fiber optic cables reduces interference, ensures reliability and durability, and broadcasts across distances as great as 50 km.

Application Examples

Application examples for BCI’s high-quality broadcast products include:

    • television and motion picture distribution
    •  post-production
    •  video/audio/data transmission
    • satellite/CATV distribution
    • sports events
    • live video/audio transmission