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Broadata Commuincations.  SIMPLIED. FLEXIBLE. CONTROL

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Command & Control

Broadata Communications, Inc. has high quality products that are the ideal solution for command & control display applications. When it comes to mission critical applications, BCI’s unparalleled technology is a first of its kind in reliability and durability. When it comes to rooms that require 24/7 operation and the latest-technology, BCI’s products have proven themselves again and again.

Product Features

BCI’s LinkBridge™ products have several capabilities that cut down cost, minimize points of failure, and reduce the amount of products needed to. These capabilities and features include:

    • the ability to mix and match video signals without any additional hardware
    •  the system’s converter built right into the box
    •  miniature single fiber optic transmission systems
    •  simplified installation while still maintaining reduced points of failure

The LinkBridge™ series utilizes never-before-seen features that enable our clients to take HD-SDI, S-Video, Composite Video, HDMI, DVI, or RGB and transport these signals to HDMI or DVI without any additional converters. This reduces the amount of products necessary to transmit video signal. BCI’s products feature first to market technology that give our clients never-before-seen installation options with the smallest fiber optic transport devices available today.

Advanced Switching Technology & Robust Performance

The LBS Series is a high-performance LinkBridge™ Universal Matrix Switcher System that provides up to 32 x 32 video switching for HDMI/DVI signals. Not only is there only one fiber required per input or output port, but the distance between the switch and HDMI/DVI devices can be up to 400m when connected by fiber cable.

BCI is particularly proud of the robust quality of their products in the LinkBridge™ series. Reliability and durability go hand in hand to enhance a product’s 24/7 operation capabilities. Features of BCI’s LinkBridge™ products that showcase this durability and robust performance include high performance metal SC/ST/LC fiber connectors and tactical fiber.

Application Examples

BCI’s command & control system applications have been utilized by the U.S. military and emergency room operations centers as well as state and local governments. Other application examples are:

    • Control Rooms
    • Tactical Operations Centers
    • Emergency Operations Centers
    • 911/Dispatch Centers
    • Executive Briefing Centers