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Systems designed for militaries and governments require extreme precision and high quality. At Broadata we are proud of our long-standing history with military and government applications. Our commitment to excellence is made all the more apparent in the applications we customize for militaries and governments the world over.

Product Offerings

Broadata Communications, Inc. and government applications have come together to make some of the most reliable, rugged, and unique products offered to governments and militaries on an international scale. As of now, BCI supports applications for a large portion of the United States Military and its various branches. We also support applications for various branches of federal, state and local governments.

BCI is proud to offer first-to-market technology with their new LinkBridge™ line of products. This series showcases BCI’s innovative strengths as it has premieres a number of pioneering technologies such as:

    • Transmitting HDCP over fiber
    • Common mounting kit enclosures
    • Options for video only or video/ bi-directional audio bi-directional/data over single fiber

When other products require 2 or 4 fibers to transmit these types of bi-directional signals, BCI’s products do more with a single fiber.

BCI is particularly proud of the robust performance of their products in the LinkBridge™ series. These products have been designed for ultimate manufacturability and easy installation while still emphasizing durability and reliability. Features of BCI’s LinkBridge™ products that showcase this durability and robust performance include: high performance metal SC/ST/LC fiber connectors, common mounting kits, and tactical fiber.

Tactical fiber uses buffered fibers surrounded by dielectric strength members and is completely protected by a rugged polyurethane outer jacket in order to provide the ultimate environmental and mechanical protection, which also boasts an unprecedented flexibility. LinkBridge™ products also boast an unprecedented mix-and-match ability between products making it possible to design 100+ combination possibilities without compromising on quality or reliability.

Application Examples

Some application examples include:

    • command centers
    • military communication centers
    • secure communication centers
    • power generation control

Some of the most prestigious and well-known applications BCI has provided have been to the U.S. Pentagon, the U.S. Navy, NASA, and Spawar. Others have included large system integrators such as Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, and the Boeing Company. These organizations have recognized BCI’s dedication to creating the finest, high-quality product offerings.