Medical Systems

Lives are on the line every day in the healthcare industry where only the most advanced technologies are utilized. Broadata Communications Inc. is proud to say it has led the world in designing and manufacturing advanced solutions for transmitting video, audio, and data over fiber and scaler-converters for surgical applications. BCI has shipped 50,000+ audio, video, and data fiber and scaler/format converter units specifically made for use with surgical applications.

Fiber Optics & Scaler/ format Converters

BCI’s flagship products, the Link Bridge products, include converters that input and output to DVI which support automatic EDID with no EDID learning. The Link Bridge products also boast the capability to transmit bi-directional analog audio, bi-directional video, and bi-directional data all in just one fiber. These latest advances in fiber optic technology allow for shorter downtimes for the surgical OR during installation. The Link Bridge copper and fiber converter/scalar line share one common footprint, thus reducing installation and assembly time while still managing to add several never-before-seen enhancing features to address the specific needs of medical applications. These capabilities and features include:

  • the ability to mix and match video signals without any additional hardware
  • the system’s converter built directly into the box
  • miniature single fiber optic transmission systems
  • simplified installation while still maintaining reduced points of failure

Product Features & Applications

  • Some impressive features of our products are:
  • wide operating DC input supply range (+5Vdc to +12Vdc) with a locking power jack for both standalone box and wall plate enclosures, Support for:
    • UL/CE/60601
    • Scaler Composite/ S-Video
    • VGA/YPbPr
    • 3G-HD-SDI/HD-SDI
    • bi-directional audio
    • bidirectional RS-232 over a single fiber
    • multi-format video scaler over DVI or optical
    • phantom powering option

BCI’s products are made using high performance metal SC, ST, LC fiber connectors which are robust enough to ensure a high performance and incredibly high durability.

BCI is specialized in manufacturing applications for Minimally Invasive Surgeries (MIS) but our products also excel with other applications including: Gastrointestinal rooms, Catheter labs, training or education facilities, HD video conferences, and digital/hybrid operating rooms. The reliability of BCI’s products is showcased by being highly recommended for recognized cable and data-shape for medical LCD monitors in surgery and robotics.  Intuitive Surgical Vision Boom recommended fiber cable



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