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Medical Systems

Lives are on the line every day in the healthcare industry, where only the most advanced technologies are utilized. Broadata Communications, Inc. (BCI) is proud to say it has led the world in designing and manufacturing advanced solutions for transmitting video, audio, and data over fiber, HDBaseT, and IP and scaler-converters for surgical applications. BCI has shipped over 200,000+ audio, video, data and scaler/format converter units specifically made for use with surgical applications.
BCI specializes in manufacturing applications for:

Minimally Invasive Surgeries (MIS)

Surgical Navigation System

Robotic Surgery Systems

Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Suites

Other applications include catheter labs, training and education facilities, HD video conferences, and digital/hybrid operating rooms. The reliability of BCI’s products is showcased by being highly recommended for recognized cable and data-shape for medical LCD monitors in surgery and robotics.

BCI is an industry leader in the medical market with over 15 years’ experience supporting operating room video, audio, data transport design and the product needs of our B2B partner. Whether customizing a 4K (or coming soon, 8K) standard BCI offering or new design, rely on BCI to carry out the product to market. BCI engineering, manufacturing, and intelligent supply chain solutions help you capitalize on accelerated change and achieve digital business advantage.


It’s our business model. That’s what makes us different. Because of our experience and expertise, the world’s leading companies trust us to help them grow.

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