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Rental and Staging

In the rental market, durability and reliability are crucial. BCI grants our clients in the rental market never-before-seen options with our first-to-market technology that is both reliable and durable.

First to Market Technology

BCI is proud to supply our clients with first-to-market technology, including the smallest fiber optic transport device available anywhere, and the first pluggable modules and wall plates that not only have all the required certification – UL, CE, and Class B to name just a few – but also support EDID/HDCP/DDC over DVI/HDMI. Here at BCI we are also proud to present never-before-seen technology in our LinkBridge™ products that feature directly pluggable mini enclosures and wall plates that feature over 100 different ways to mix-and-match video, audio and data signals with no additional converters.

Benefits to FiberProduct Features

Broadata Communications, Inc. boasts several product features that are ideal for the rental market. These include:

    • lock-in power
    • metal DC power
    • a wide operational range
    • high-performance pluggable mini enclosures
    • low-cost single fiber optic transmission systems
    • direct pluggable HDMI or DVI modules
    • Tactical Fiber


Application Examples

Some examples of rental and staging applications include: convention centers, studios, emergency operations, and mobile TV stations. BCI’s high-quality products are available for rent through VER and PSAV