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In the rental market, durability and reliability are crucial. BCI grants our clients in the rental market never-before-seen options with our first-to-market technology that is both reliable and durable.

First to Market Technology

BCI is proud to supply our clients with first to market technology including the smallest fiber optic transport device available anywhere, and the first pluggable modules and wall plates that not only have all the required certification – UL, CE, and Class B to name just a few – but also support EDID/HDCP/DDC over DVI/HDMI. Here at BCI we are also proud to present never-before-seen technology in our Link Bridge products that feature directly pluggable mini enclosures and wall plates that feature over 100 different ways to mix and match video, audio and data signals with no additional converters.

Benefits to Fiber

One of the greatest benefits to using fiber is eliminating electrical interference. In the rental industry, there is a great deal of environmental factors that can interfere with the signal. Using BCI’s products and our fiber eliminates this problem. BCI’s solutions transport signal long distances for large events without using a large bundle of cable. Instead, BCI’s pioneering technology transports the signal over a 14 strand fiber no thicker than a pen. Transporting more signals with less cable eliminates a number of safety hazards. BCI’s Tactical Fiber is durable enough to withstand the many challenges in a rental environment such as interference from cell phones and other electronics, large crowds stepping on cables, etc. without losing its signal.

Product Features

Broadata Communications Inc. boasts several product features that are ideal for the rental market. These include:

    • Lock-in power
    • Metal DC power
    • a wide operational range
    • high-performance pluggable mini enclosures
    • low-cost single fiber optic transmission systems
    • direct pluggable HDMI or DVI modules
    • Tactical Fiber


Application Examples

Some examples of rental and staging applications include: convention centers, studios, emergency operations, and mobile TV stations. BCI’s high-quality products are available for rent through VER and PSAV