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Broadata Commuincations.  SIMPLIED. FLEXIBLE. CONTROL

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Systems Integrators

BCI is singular in the world for its variety and extent of products that are specifically made for complex system integration applications. Broadata Communications, Inc. is proud to lead the world with its first-to-market technology that enables the transport of multiple audio, video and data signals in just one enclosure and over a single fiber.

System Integration Simplified

BCI was the first to pioneer the technology to send HDCP over fiber. With our HDCP compatible products, BCI utilizes a single hybrid fiber optical cable that includes both copper for connection to power and fiber in one jacket to make installation even easier. When other products transmit signal over 2 or 4 fibers, BCI’s pioneering systems are capable of bi-directional communication over one fiber. BCI’s flagship line of products, the LinkBridge™ Series, is designed with manufacturability in mind. BCI’s products support same-size and common printed circuit boards, I/O’s, and enclosures for both standalone box and wall plate enclosures.

BCI’s complex system integration applications are not only made for the corporate world but have also been used by most major college and universities, as well as some of the largest and most prominent system integrators and consultants from all over the world.

Product Features

BCI’s products made for system integration applications feature:

    • wide operating DC input supply range (+5Vdc to +12Vdc) with locking power jack for both standalone box and wall plate enclosures
    • miniaturized product packaging
    • DVI/HDMI supporting “Automatic EDID” with no EDID learning required
    • HDCP and DDC compliant products
    •  the option of rugged standalone units or card cage formats
    • UL/CE certification
    • minimized fiber counts


Featured Product: Decora Wall Plate

The first-to-market Decora Wall Plate supports hassle free install with passing video, bi-directional audio, and 2 channels of data over a single fiber strand. The LinkBridge™ line, of which the Decora Wall Plate is a critical product, is the only complete product offering in today's AV market that supports single fiber transmitter for S-Video/Composite, VGA, and SDI/3GSDI to DVI receivers with multiple enclosures.

Product Applications

Some real-world examples of product applications include:

    • corporate boardroom connectivity
    • video conferencing
    • telepresence
    • education/classroom activity
    • university CATV distribution