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of Easy Setup

Video Wall Processing

Next Gen AV's integrated video wall processing capabilities allow AV and IT integrators to quickly deploy video walls for various digital signage, training/classroom and retail applications. Supports up to 8x8 configuration and video walls are easily configured with an intuitive user interface for simplified signal routing.

PoE Power Over Internet
Power Over Ethernet

Networked encoders and decoders are easily powered with no additional power sources required with PoE capabilties. Installation costs are dramatically decreased by remotely powering encoders/decoders from a PoE Network Switch. Once installed, units can be easily disconnected, moved and reconnected with minimal downtime.

Build In Scaler & EDID Management

Encoders and Decoders come equipped with independent scaling to allow for a seamless video distribution experience in a mixed-display environments. Offering full HD 1080p60, 1080p50, Ultra HD 2160p30, 2160p25, WXGA (1366x768), WGXA_ (1440x900), WUXGA (1920x1200) SXGA+ (1400x1050) support. EDID management feature automatically selects the appropriate resolution from the display to make for an even easier setup experience.


USB HID ports offer KVM control over IP with no latency. Reduce overall system costs by controlling devices over the network with integrated KVM support. The additional two USB ports offer USB 2.0 connectivity- allowing USB enabled devices to be shared across the network saving costs on additional equipment needs.

Since introducing Broadata to our Dave & Buster’s projects we have been very pleased with the product, and grateful of their personalized attention and support. The Broadata product is solid, and is backed up by a team that is passionate about their solutions, and cares about their customers. The Broadata team has provided us with immediate attention, and support every time we found ourselves in a bind. After deploying Broadata to our Dave and Buster’s projects we realized that we needed specific features built into the products functionality. The team at Broadata provided firmware updates within two days.

Absolutely incredible.

Scott Blomberg