Smarter AV

It’s never been easier to make the switch to AVoIP. Broadata has done all the work for you and revolutionized the IP configuration setup so you don’t have to. All our solutions come out of the box, pre-configured with advanced IP settings and no IP knowledge is needed. Simply select a few options and you will be up and running in minutes.

4k Video

Broadata AVoIP 1G solution is an ideal solution for digital signage, classroom, and training room applications that require high quality 4K video to be seen clearly from a distance. The virtually lossless signal quality and ultra low latency solution can transmit or recieve 4K video at 4:4:4 30Hz, or 4K video at 4:2:0 60Hz. Coming soon 4K video 4:4:4 60Hz.

Ultra Fast

Current content catches the eye, so make your life easier and use the network to keep your content up to date. AVoIP lets you do it all, with switching time of under 1 second - don’t blink!

Limitless Scalability

Broadata AVoIP solutions utilize your existing managed Ethernet switches to enable a virtually unlimited combination of distribution options within your Local Area Network (LAN). Upgrading to AVoIP adds scalability and increases ROI since there is less equipment to purchase - say goodbye to costly AV matrix switching!

Cost Effective

Implementing AV over IP (AVoIP) is cost effective and improves the project return on investment (ROI). Using existing LAN cabling is one example of improved ROI, because the LAN is already designed to carry, classify, and prioritize IP traffic, so video quality is not compromised!


Broadata AVoIP solutions are designed to support both copper and fiber optic cables. We all know copper has distance limitations and we’ve experienced changing room designs and rooms uses, so your AVoIP solution should have the ability to adapt to change like Broadata AVoIP.

AV Over IP
Sets Up in Minutes with No IP Knowledge Required

AV over IP Encoder & Decoder Solutions

AVoIP HDMI/VGA Encoder (Tx) with PoE (over Fiber or CAT 5e)

AVoIP HDMI/VGA Decoder (Rx) with PoE (over Fiber or CAT 5e)

AVoIP Matrix Switching Controller

1G SFP + Optical Transceiver

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