Integrated Control Processor System

The Integrated Control Processor System allows you to design and deploy fully automated Audio/Video distribution system that offers easy to access and full control capabilities to all your your connected devices. This product combines all of the key features of a standard AV Transmission System and adds robust control capabilities for all your multimedia automation needs. Integration with 3rd party devices have all been pre-configured so no additional programming is required.

Built for ease of deployment, the ICP System provides instant control capabilities in a simple and easy to deploy form factor. This is an excellent solution for those who want robust control capabilities, but don’t have the time to spend programming everything to work together.

Meet the Integrated Control Processor Family


Increased Productivity

Broadata unites all multimedia devices into one simple to use control platform and helps users optimize their multimedia experience with drop down menu simplicity. The ICP moves beyond standard audio/video connectivity and allows devices to be triggered so all connected devices can be controlled. Now you can combine your lighting, music and other settings to quickly control your environment and working on the things that matter.

Voice Control

You can now use voice control to make the technology that is used every day even easier to use, plus take advantage of everything the Amazon Echo has to offer.
  • Voice control Classroom: "Alexa, Turn on my classroom"
  • Voice control Training Room: "Alexa, start my system"
  • Voice control Conference Room technology: "Alexa, Start my meeting", "Alexa, Turn on / off my conference room"
Voice commands can be dynamically changed using Broadata's built-in Amazon voice command creator. Create voice commands and change them later, switch between different technologies, start meetings, turn systems on or off, all using voice commands.


The most important feature of Broadata’s Integrated Control Processor (ICP) is our ever-evolving software. As new technology or new industry control functions become available, BCI will simply update our software to add them. No more expensive product replacements to upgrade the system. This feature alone will allow the same hardware to be used for years to come.

We know conference room technology often changes due to companies or user demands for the technology. Broadata has allowed for these changes to take place without impacting the hardware currently in place.


Take advantage of one of our most popular feature with “If This Then That” (IFTT) control automation, ensuring the system can be used without ever having to use touch panels or button keypads in the room. Users can use the technology and turn on desired elements without ever having to press buttons or use remotes. Simple and easy control automation can be created with zero programming.

One Touch

With our onboard app configurator, a tablet app control can be created for one-touch system operation with a single icon button press; multiple actions can be released all at once, or for system configuration presets to be activated. This is among the easiest way to create simple and easy-to-use technology systems, classrooms, and meeting spaces.

Easy Configure

Implementing AV over IP (AVoIP) is cost effective and improves the project return on investment (ROI). Using existing LAN cabling is one example of improved ROI, because the LAN is already designed to carry, classify, and prioritize IP traffic, so video quality is not compromised!

Control All

The ICP can control just about any professional audio or video communication device. With all of these control ports, there are many different system designs that could be used. Our unique “open API” allows for the ICP to be integrated into 3rd party management software for global support.

Limitless Centralized Control

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