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The Integrated Multi-Service System (IMS) is the latest addition to Broadata’s Robust line up of Pro and Medical Audio Video Solutions that will enable you to completely revamp your digital operating/procedure rooms. The IMS boasts a modular aesthetic that makes this a truly all-in-one solution for 4K video matrix switching and routing, video format conversions and scaling, to audio switching that will support newer technologies or older legacy devices, we have the solution to handle all your audio/video interface needs. Designed to provide everyone with the ability to keep things connected, organized and easy to use. By offering the first All-In-One Modular Medical Appliance System that’s been specifically developed for the medical industry we understand the wide array of use applications that are required in video-rich working environments and are now offering a system built for you, for your intended applications. With the ability to choose amongst 5 video input options (DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA, S-Video/Composite of 3G-SDI) this compact form factors saves you valuable space in the medical operating or procedure rooms. Multiple Input card options allow you to configure the system with up to 8 variations of 4K digital and analog video inputs and up to 8 video outputs. The system allows each component and part to be replaced in order to ensure that the connected equipment never becomes outdated or obsolete. While the various input/output cards can be replaced as needed, the modular design helps practitioners utilize the exact equipment they they require without have to switch to other devices Other host of options include 4K Video Switching, Video Format Conversions, Audio Switching and external sensor/device control management capabiltiies. This is the ideal solution for mission-critical applications where space is a high commodity and high quality video is a necessity.